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Cold and Compression Therapy

A Multi-Modality Approach to the reduction of Postoperative Pain and Edema


Cryotherapy and compression on soft tissue injuries is a common and standard of care practice for sports injuries, sprains and post-surgical applications. Because of this, numerous devices have been developed to maintain cold and compression on wound and injury sites. Most of these products consist of an ice driven, gravity fed or circulating cold water pump as well as a mechanical pneumatic compression pump.

By utilizing cold therapy, the temperature of the tissue is lowered and the rates of the chemical reactions that actually cause the inflammation are slowed. Therefore, more cells survive, the damage slows, and healing is accelerated.

Advances have been developed in thermal and compression technology to improve the functionality and design of these products, making them simpler and more effective for both patients and caregivers. One such product is the VascuTherm line from ThermoTek, Inc. which improves post-surgical outcomes and offers safe, precise cooling as well as a pneumatic compression on the surgical site to reduce edema and additional pneumatic compression for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in high risk patients post surgically. In the remainder of this document the efficacy and cost analysis of cold and compression will be discussed, as well as the utilization of DVT prophylaxis in the home setting post surgically and the cost analysis thereof.

By combining thermal, standardized compression and DVT prophylaxis in one easy and safe to use device, like VascuTherm, patients will receive the necessary post-surgical orthopedic treatments in one simple and cost effective package. Not only will their clinical outcomes be improved, but costs will be reduced on an institutional level because patients will be more ambulant, use fewer narcotics, and readmitted less due to the use of extended mechanical DVT prophylaxis.

Pain Management Ultrasound Device

Reduce Chronic Joint Pain & Accelerate Soft Tissue Healing

sam® Pro 2.0

Developed and clinically proven to reduce chronic joint pain and accelerate soft tissue healing, sam® is the only FDA cleared long duration home use ultrasound device. The sam® wearable long duration continuous ultrasound device was developed by millions of dollars of government healthcare funding to reduce surgery and treat chronic pain. The wearable ultrasonic soft-tissue healing and pain management device is recommended and used by tens of thousands of elite athletes, injured workers and military personnel.

  • Proven pain relief, improved function & accelerated soft tissue healing, drug free
  • Government funded, development & research
  • Pain reduction of 40% or 2 points on the pain scale
  • A 505 point improvement in function
  • Prescribed to 1000’s of Elite Pro, and College Athletes
  • Wearable, remote application, and drug-free solution

Many people suffer from muscle and joint pain, whether they are athletes, work in labor-intensive jobs, or have chronic issues such as arthritis. No matter what your personal situation is, if you’re looking for a great pain management system that you can use at home, consider the sam® 2.0 by ZetrOZ, a home-use pain management ultrasound device.