Iceless Cold and Compression Therapy

A Multi-Modality Approach to the reduction of Postoperative Pain and Edema


Why Iceless?

  • Increased patient compliance; leads to…
  • Decreased pain & narcotic use; leads to…
  • Quicker recovery time


Why Right Coast Medical?

  • We handle ALL authorizations
  • White glove patient service
  • Work Comp, DOL, VA coverage, Tricare, & cash pay option

Available Wraps

Wrap sizes shown are not to scale. Not all wraps are shown in this image.

  • Arm Wrap (Half Arm)
  • Arm Wrap (Full Arm)
  • Back Wrap
  • Cervical Wrap (Upper)
  • Cervical Wrap (Lower)
  • Cervical Wrap (Total)
  • Face Wrap
  • Foot/Ankle Wrap
  • Head Wrap
  • Hip Wrap w/ Harness
  • Jaw Wrap
  • Knee Wrap (Standard)
  • Knee Wrap (No Compression)
  • Knee Wrap (Medium)
  • Knee Wrap (Large, Half Leg)
  • Knee Wrap (Full Leg, Circumferential)
  • Knee Wrap (Deluxe)
  • Mini Wrap
  • Shoulder Wrap w/Harness (Half Arm)
  • Shoulder Wrap Deluxe (Half Arm)
  • Torso Vest Wrap
  • Universal U Wrap
  • Wrist/Hand Wrap
  • DVT Calf Wrap Set
  • DVT Foot Wrap Set
  • Arterial Foot/Calf Set
  • Range of Motion Knee Braces (13” and 17”)
  • LSO Back Brace (One-Size Fits All)