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Iceless Therm-X Home

Rapid cold. Rapid compression. Rapid heat.

Therm-X Home

Find your optimal recovery temperature with Therm-X - from a chilly 34 degrees on a single treatment to a consistent 40 degrees on a cycle, tailor your therapy to meet your needs.

Fast-track your recovery with Therm-X's heating cycles up to 110 degrees and contrast therapy. Switch from cold to hot treatment effortlessly for optimal healing potential. Prioritize your safety and comfort with pre-programmed settings prescribed by your physician. Enjoy ease of use with approved variations across different profiles. Rest assured with password-protected settings, ensuring you receive the exact therapy prescribed, hidden from view for your safety.

Therm-X offers personalized comfort with the flexibility to adjust temperature and compression. Encouraging patient compliance, every adjustment is tracked to ensure your recovery stays on track. Liquid cooled radiator and fan technology allows the Therm-X to get colder quietly.

Therm-X is intended to treat post-surgical and acute injuries to reduce edema, swelling, and pain for which cold and compression are indicated. It is intended to treat post traumatic and post-surgical medical and/or surgical conditions for which localized thermal therapy (hot or cold) are indicated. Therm-X Home system also provides DVT therapy, which is intended to reduce the risk of the formation of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) by aiding blood flow back to the heart via lower extremity limb compression.

Pain Management Ultrasound Device

Reduce Chronic Joint Pain & Accelerate Soft Tissue Healing

sam® Pro 2.0

Developed and clinically proven to reduce chronic joint pain and accelerate soft tissue healing, sam® is the only FDA cleared long duration home use ultrasound device. The sam® wearable long duration continuous ultrasound device was developed by millions of dollars of government healthcare funding to reduce surgery and treat chronic pain. The wearable ultrasonic soft-tissue healing and pain management device is recommended and used by tens of thousands of elite athletes, injured workers and military personnel.

  • Proven pain relief, improved function & accelerated soft tissue healing, drug free
  • Government funded, development & research
  • Pain reduction of 40% or 2 points on the pain scale
  • A 505 point improvement in function
  • Prescribed to 1000’s of Elite Pro, and College Athletes
  • Wearable, remote application, and drug-free solution

Many people suffer from muscle and joint pain, whether they are athletes, work in labor-intensive jobs, or have chronic issues such as arthritis. No matter what your personal situation is, if you’re looking for a great pain management system that you can use at home, consider the sam® 2.0 by ZetrOZ, a home-use pain management ultrasound device.